The main project goal is to increase the employability of the students in each participating school, by adding a common framework on competitive and international level, using IT tools and providing information about the employer’s needs and labour market needs in European countries.

The partners engage themselves in a continuous cooperation agreement during the whole project cycle to disseminate the project.

The partners agree to communicate with each other in a regular base, by e-mail, web conferences, chat on Twinspace, Facebook, WhatsApp or other communication device, in order to be acquainted with the activities done in each school and reporting the progresses on the tasks to be achieved. A prompt communication will help the partners to correct some negative or unwilling situations immediately. The communication should happen regularly, on a coordination level, but also at the activities level, within the students and teachers involved in the project, inside each school and between participant schools.

The aim of this dissemination strategy is to make the results of the project known and spread the knowledge acquired and produced during the project duration. It can serve as a model for those who implement a project in order to realise similar goals and who work in such field.