Berufliche Oberschule Schwandorf


The Staatliche Berufliche Oberschule Schwandorf (FOSBOS Schwandorf) is placed in Schwandorf, a small town of about 28.000 inhabitants and gathers students from town, but also from a neigbouring area of 1.472,88 km2. The FOSBOS Schwandorf is a scondary school with 527students, mainly aged of 16 to 20 who get prepared for college/university and about 70 teachers. Many of your students are the first ones in their family striving for a graduation from university. Or school type has been gaining more and more importance in Bavaria as an increasing number of students attain the university entrance exams at a FOSBOS. Schwandorf now offers four different branches of education: Students can focus on Social Work, Science/Technology, Business/Administration as well as on Biotechnology/Environment. It’s a key identity of our School to not only teach students theory and academics, but to also provide work experience. All of our students have either already finished an apprenticeship (BOS) or do obligatory internships during their time at our School (FOS), These internships are also part of the final grade. That’s way a project focusing on “Train, Work and Succeed in Europe” is well-tailored for us. As professionals with a tertitary education our students will later be experts likely to work in an international, a European context. They will study or work abroad themselves or will be dealing with international, European partners of their future companies. Consequently it is our goal to provide our students with international European contacts and competences as they usually lack these Kinds of experience in their non-academic families. That does not only mean an additional qualification for their future careers, but also an understanding for foreign cultures and mentalities and an empathy for people with another ethnic, cultural and religious background. Also, our students need to get prepared for a job world that has completely changed during the last 15 or 20 years and is still changing at an unprecedented speed. So, parents and often also teachers are usually not able to support them in trying to find their place in the world of work. Our project means to help them discover and develop the skills to do that themselves. (e.g. also digital competences) The two coordinators of the project have both a long experience in Erasmus+ and Comenius projects, also in coordinating them. They have been involved in this European cooperation since 2003. But they are not all alone in their work. There are many other teachers who have contributed to and travelled within the former projects. (Of course, there are also young, motivated colleagues). The legal representative named in the form, also has experience and has been part in several former Erasmus+ projects. For this project we want to especially rely on the experience, expertise and the contacts of all those teachers and staff at our school who are involved in the mentioned internships (fpA-fachpraktische Ausbildung).

Staatliche Berufliche Oberschule Schwandorf
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