Cooperativa de Ensino de V.N.Famalicão, CRL – E.P. Cior

Vocational School Cior – is a vocational secondary school with a total of 350 students and its located in Vila Nova De Famalicão, in the North region of Portugal. For more than 25 years we have been providing initial vocational training in different areas, such as Renewable Energies, Electronics, Electrical Installations, Hygiene and Safety at Work and in the environment, Mechatronics and Social Animation; We also provide adult education courses for unemployed and low skilled people. Our school has a strong relationship with local companies and every year establishes more than 300 agreements in order to provide the students the opportunity to learn in a work environment. The school also provides adult education in order to update their knowledge in different professional areas, such as air conditioning, domotics, mechanics, electrical Instalations and electronic repairs childcare, foreign languages, etc. Our school wants to go forward with educational opportunities and enable all young and adult people to deepen their professional knowledge so as to improve their educational level and get more chances for active citizenship and employment. We wish to be an innovative school and learn new methodologies from our partners’ best practices. Cior has a European Project department, which includes teachers and administrative staff that work in several European Projects since 2000 within the LifeLong Learning and Erasmus + Programmes, so as to promote mobility, active european citizenship and opportunities among our trainers. We’ve participated in different European Projects, related to cooperation within Institutions, mobility of students and staff, cooperation with African countries to provide students training among others. Our School stresses the importance of interculturalism and multilinguism. The school has a good position among companies, and every year organizes more than 400 placements for school students and for foreign students, coming from countries as Spain and Romania. Our teachers have a long experience in mentoring the students according to the area of specialization. By participating in International projects we have acquired some knowledge and experience that we want to share with our partners and also improve our own practice, and transfer it to school practices. The Project Office has also the experience in organizing meetings and visits for foreign teachers in a wide range of subjects. The staff of the European project department includes language teachers, project coordinators and administrative staff with more than 20 years of experience, and most of the school teachers are involved in some kind of project with students. In Erasmus + Program we’ve been awarded with VetMobility Charter since 2015 with the certificate nº 2015-1-PT01-KA109-013176, recognizing the high quality of previous mobility projects under Leonardo Da Vinci, with the long-term commitment to continuous improve.

Cooperativa de Ensino de V.N.Famalicão, CRL – E.P. Cior
Rua Amélia Rey Colaço, 106 Postal Code 4760-901
V.N. Famalicão / Portugal
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