Engineering Jobs

Energy Systems Engineering – Renewable Energy

The energy engineer designs projects to find efficient and innovative ways to supply energy. It explores new ways to generate energy to reduce costs, reduce carbon emissions, and minimize environmental damage. For this purpose, it conducts field inspections and conducts energy research.
In order to become an energy engineer, it is necessary to graduate from the Energy Systems Engineering department, which provides four-year education.
An energy engineer must have high concentration, demonstrate oral and written communication skills that clearly express technical knowledge, provide teamwork and management, find innovative and creative solutions to problems, and have knowledge of research principles.

Aviation and Aerospace Engineering

Aeronautics and Aerospace Engineer conducts training and research in the design of all kinds of engineering products interacting with the air and preparing, manufacturing, maintenance and repair technology and operation of construction projects. Prepares the design and preliminary project of the aircraft which is planned to be constructed. Decides which of the production methods required for aircraft construction will be more economical. Prepares the necessary models in this regard, makes experiments, determines the performance characteristics of the designed aircraft and makes the examination according to the claims.
Aerospace engineers can work as main staff in Turkish Airlines, Turkish Armed Forces, Land and Air Forces, Tusaş, MKM, some private air companies in our country, as well as basic mechanical engineering knowledge during their training. engineering knowledge. Opportunities to work in their fields are increasing in parallel with the developments in the country.

Software Engineering – Artificial Intelligence Engineering

Software engineering is a science that deals with software. As representatives of this science, software engineers examine the requirements, design and structure of the software to be created according to the needs of the users, or create the software using programming languages.
Software engineers, who are named as representatives of this branch of science, carry out studies with a wide focus on end users. Many software engineers create new software and new designs, taking into account end-users, or improve an existing software to address end-user needs.
Today, the programs used by our computers, smart devices, televisions and even our automobiles are the result of a study of software science and software engineers. Thanks to software engineers, technology is reduced to the end user as well as competent and experts, making it simple and practical.

Materials Science and Nanotechnology Engineering

Today, the importance of nano science and nanotechnology has been recognized not only by universities but also by state and private companies. In fact, in the Bilim National Science and Technology Policies 2003-2023 Strategy Document tarafından published by TÜBİTAK, it was emphasized that nanotechnology is the last opportunity for our country, which was not able to capture the industrial and microelectronic-informatic revolutions in time. It is obvious that the welfare, economy and national security of the countries with this technology will be much stronger.
In this context, our era:
Energy (alternative energy sources: solar cells, fuel cells);
Health (early diagnosis, effective drug release, targeted nano capsule drugs, etc.),
Composite materials
Polymer Technologies
Smart Material
Magnetic, Electronic, Opto-electronic Material
Light and High Strength Material
Security and Defense
Space Research and Aviation
design and development of new materials to meet the demands in the fields of
production methods and characterization. The aim of the Materials Science and Nanotechnology Engineering department is to train qualified engineers and scientists who will bring our country to the league of the countries that create advanced technologies.

Biomedical Engineering

The biomedical engineer analyzes and analyzes problems in the field of biology and medicine to increase the quality and effectiveness of patient care. Artificial internal organs develop design systems and products such as artificial tools to replace body parts and machines for diagnosing medical problems.
In order to become a biomedical engineer, it is necessary to graduate from the department of Biomedical Engineering with a bachelor’s degree.
The qualifications sought by employers in biomedical engineers such as hospitals, universities, research institutions and medical equipment manufacturers are as follows;
To have creativity and technical ability to turn designs into products,
Analyze the needs of patients and customers to design appropriate solutions,
To demonstrate the ability to communicate and express himself / herself,
Mathematical competence,
Having the ability of problem solving to deal with complex systems,
To provide teamwork and management,
Approaching problems with an innovative perspective.

Molecular Biology and Genetics

Molecular Biology and Genetics is an up-to-date and ever-increasing science that explores the molecular foundations of life, from viruses and simple-celled microorganisms to complex organisms such as humans, and their relationship with each other and inanimate environments. using cell technologies, it contributes to the solution of important problems such as cancer, aging and degenerative diseases.
Today, large amounts of resources are spent all over the world to determine the exact location of genes, to identify them and to investigate their function in living systems that make up biodiversity. In developed countries, the focus of modern biology has been teaching and basic research in the field of molecular biology, after which biotechnology and other applications of biology have started to work regularly and efficiently. Molecular biology education and training has therefore become necessary and necessary to specialize in different branches of biology. With this in mind, molecular biology education, training and research strategies have been developed and put into practice in many countries around the world.
Candidates who wish to choose the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics should love research, be able to work in the same environment for a long time, be patient and systematic, be curious and have the ability to use technology well.