Fantastic Jobs

Space Tourism Guide

Space has been a topic that has been on the agenda of all humanity for a long time. After that, larger steps will be taken to explore space. Altough the idea of living in space may seem exaggerated, Space Tourism Guidance is one of the professions of the future.

Personal Data Broker

In the future, people will earn money from the personal data they produce. With this job, the client will detect the newly created data by observing and win money by selling personal data.

Artifical Intelligence Business Development Manager

Cognizant says, ” There is one thing that artifical intelligence cannot do and that it cannot do in the future; to sell itself.” The Artifical Intelligence Business Development Manager will do same work as a saleperson today, but will do it for Artifical Intelligence services.

Personal Organ Production Specialist

With the introduction of 3D printers, the production of many products accelerated. When the same technology is used in medicine, waiting list for organ transplants will become history. Scientists will realize the production of organs such as kidney, heart, ears.

Digital Tailor

Associated with a device called ‘ Saville Rowanator sensor cell. ‘ It will aim to reduce the return rate by taking the customer’s measurements accurately. The digital tailor will try to record the customer’s measurement data and sell the most suitable clothing to the customer.

Cyber City Expert

To ensure the continuity of cyber cities, it is necessary to ensure that data is effectively ‘passed’ through the city. In the cities of the future, data from millions of sensors will enable services such as electricity or waste collection systems to operate. Citizen data and earnings data will also be collected. If one of the sensors in the city fails, the cyber city expert will have to repair the sensor.

Edge Computing Specialist

The ‘Edge computing’ specialist will be responsible for turning it into working on a decentralized Internet using ‘edge computing’ that works on the current Internet. This will benefit organizations that need more space and processing capacity for huge data processing.

A Guide to Sports Commitment

While wearable technologies like Fitbit can help to some extent, these technologies alone are not enough to protect our health. In the future, people engaged in sports will wear activity-tracking technologies, while sports commitment guidelines will be responsible for ensuring that they lead a healthy life and are motivated.

The Genetic Diversity Officer

The Genetic Diversity Officer will take care not only to ensure that employees of the company come from different ethnic backgrounds and social environments, but also to ensure that the company’s workforce is a good mix of genetically improved and non-improved individuals.

Artifical Intelligence Supported Health Technican

In the future, people without the need to go to the doctor artificial intelligence assisted health technicians will come to the door to detect disease through software.