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The IES Joan M. Thomàs is a secondary school, located in an urban multicultural area of Palma, inserted in an autonomous bilingual community, and where study 780 students from 12 to 19 years, 143 of them belong to the group of “special educational needs” reciving a continuous follow-up from the guidance department. The school offers qualifications in Music, Scenic Arts (Theater and Dance), Sciences an Humanities. It also offers a two years basic vocational training about computerreapair to students, who have not finish the mandatory secondary school. Palma belong to theBalearic Islands, which is autonomous bilingual community in the Mediterranean Sea and whose economy is based principally on tourism More than one third of students come from 29 different countries and there are also about 80 students with pshysical and/or psychical handicaps. Many students belong to lower middle class families or families with low purchasing power. Staff membre number: 94 (89 teachers + 5 administrative workers) The school is involved in the European Section Program promoting English language in teaching some regular subjects and activities. Students can also choose German or French as optional subject.
MOTIVATION: School teachers are very engaged looking for new pedagogical tools to open students new social doors that allow them insert themselves in their community as active and efficient subjects, capable of building their individual and collective future. Consequently, this project is considered as a good way to educate and motivate students in their dayly task offering them a more extensive outloock about their future careers, specially for the students at risk of social exclusion or handicapped. We consider completaly necessary to continuous follow-up from the guidance departmentcontinuous follow-up from the guidance departmentinclude a these new technological jobs that are appearing currently, changing completely our social work environament, facilitating them new contacts and perspectives that can enriching could experience for themselves how works a knowledge community and participating actively in it, they could discover their own creativity. KEY
PEOPLE: This project is consider as a school project. The contact person has coordinated the school work and activities in other previous European projects, also there are a teachers’ group who has participated too and have some experience. These teachers are very entousiastic about their job and always are looking for adding value to their students’ education working side by side with the members of the School Families Association. EXPERIENCE: The school has token part in a wide range of extracurricular projects, activities, students’ exchanges and, also, some previous european projects (Comenius and Erasmus) and many teachers master one or two foreign languages.

IES Joan Maria Thomas
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