The communication will be established through different channels, using varied methods and tools:

  • Interpersonal relationships which make interaction and direct feedback possible;
  • E-mail exchange of information;
  • Local media (written and electronic press, radio and television) to disseminate the meetings held in each partner country and the activities of the project as well as the resulting reflections (at least one news in the newspaper or on the radio for each of the meetings);
  • E-twinning and twinspace to promote communication among partners in between project activities, and disseminate the activities and results achieved;
  • Website of the project to present the results and activities of the project;
  • Agreement on a common logo for the project and its dissemination activities.
  • Production of flyers/ brochures with the contents and aims of the project in each language of the partner country;
  • Presentation of the final results of the project on the Erasmus + results plaform.

Any notice or publication concerning the project, including those given at a conference or seminar, must specify that the project has received EU funding.

All partners agreed on reporting the dissemination activities to the coordinator in an ongoing base.