Samsun Rotary Kulübü Bilim ve Sanat Merkezi

Samsun Rotary Kulübü Bilim ve Sanat Merkezi (Samsun Rotary Club Science and Art Center) is a public school which gives non-formal education to students who are identified as gifted and talented individuals. Students are accepted by a group of evaluation tests prepared at national level. While these students receive their basic education with their peers at formal schools, they also attend lessons and trainings in the centre related to their interests in science, language and art to fulfill theirintellectual and artistic capacity. The school is new, founded in 2010, and there are 655 students ranging from the ages of 9 and 18. There are 33 teachers, 2 headmasters and 3 auxiliary staff working in our center. Science and Art Centers in Turkey, which are a limited number in each city, aim to identify the gifted and talented students who are in need of individual and proper education and plan IEP (individual educational programs) for each student in accordance with his/her interests and abilities observed. Students go through five basic educational programs: Freshman Orientation, Supportive Educational Program, Recognition of Individual Abilities, Developing Special Skills, and Designing and Devising a Project. With these programs, we try to foster students’ creativity and lead them to the areas related to their abilities and interest. In the areas relevant for this proposal, we have already managed some kind of activities because the career planning and making decisions on what to do in the future of our students are one of our school’s priorities. All the students here are seen as the pioneers of our society due to their high capacity, intelligence and abilities. They are expected to have a successful career and lead the social change. For this reason, periodically scientists from local university have been invited to the school and created an interactive platform. On the other hand, some study visits have been organized to the university and other relevant institutions. However, it is not enough in this universal and competitive world. We are aware of the necessity for doing something to present our students more opportunities and examples from all around the world. With this project, they will have the chance to learn more about how to plan their careers, how to make a decision and what to do at European level. In our school, we have already had an active project team responsible for searching, developing, running and reporting national and transnational projects. The project team consists of five members including headmaster, experienced teachers, foreign language teachers and school counselor. The headmaster worked many years as the Manager of Projects Department in Provincial Directorate of Education in Samsun. We worked as the coordinator of our Comenius Project between the years of 2012 and 2014 and managed it successfully with 8 other partner countries. We have also run two e-twinning projects.

Samsun Rotary Kulübü Bilimve Sanat Merkezi
Samsun / Turkey
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