Turkey Trip


The second mobility within the scope of the 2019 Erasmus + Intercultural Partnerships (K229) project based on future professions, digital transformation and employment of graduates was implemented by 10 teachers and 11 teachers from Spain, Portugal, Germany and Croatia. It was held in our city between between the dates 14-18 February, 2020. In addition to the project work carried out in our center, many activities and visits were realized outside our center. We visited Ilkadım Mayor and Ilkadım District Directorate of National Education. We visited Atakum Anatolian Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School and the department of Chemistry . We followed the production stages, received information and talked to the principal, teachers and students. We visited Samsun University and Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics. We received technical information and visited Flying School. We visited 19 Mayıs University Technopark and got information about patents, useful products, good ideas and incubation. We visited Yeşilyurt Iron and Steel Industry and witnessed the whole production process. We carried out various cultural and historical activities such as art exhibition, music feast, folk dances, trip to the Havza Atatürk Museum. Our guests were very pleased with the program’s professionalism and hospitality. The next step is to Portugal… We are a good team and do our best altogether.